About Us

My name is LaiMing. The owner and creator of Cookie Munchsters.
I have always loved baking, and have been baking my "famous cookies" for over
25 years. Just when I thought my hobby couldn't get any better, a 
friend introduced
me to fondant, and the world of cookie decorating.  It did not take long for me to
fall in love! I use cookies as a canvas to combine my creative spirit with my
passion for baking.

After sharing my cookies with friends and family for years, and accumulating a growing amount of requests and interest, I am excited to start making my cookies for others.
I pride myself on being able to provide a delicious and fun cookies for any occasion. Whatever the flavour, be it my Famous Chocolate Chip, Ultimate Oatmeal, Shortbread, Sugar or Gingerbread, and whatever the occasion, my cookies are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. Our baking goes beyond cookies you name it and we can make it!

Next time you have a celebration, gathering or special person on your mind,
contact Cookie Munchsters. We have everything from loot-bags to single cookies,
to centerpieces to party plates. And we most definitely have the perfect cookie for you.


“The Best Cookies I have ever tasted!!! I am a cookie Munchster and the best cookies I have ever had were from Cookie Munchsters in York Region. These 

Chocolate Chip Cookies are the best ever and I should know, I have eaten a lot of cookies. I thought I made the best Chocolate Chip Cookies, but I must reveal the truth and admit that there is better.  Cookie Munchsters has outdone me!  They were chewy and chocolaty and made to perfection, Laiming Fong is the baker and I congratulate her on mastering the best cookies ever.

I am just wondering if there is any way she could pass on the cookie recipe to a fan of her homemade Chocolate Chip cookies.” - Victoria

“I just wanted to let you know that about half of the cookies never made it out of the party but were instead devoured on the way out the door.  My daughter described them as "iced shortbread which was melt in your mouth delicious". Thank you for all of your hard work.” - Heather

“Everything looked awesome and tasted awesome!  Thank you!  Family & friends were asking who made them! Haya had a great time at the party.  She loved the centrepiece and certainly enjoyed eating the cookie!  (We limited her cookie intake!)  She also had some cake.  And she's a fussy eater ... Barely touches cupcakes and cake.  Loves cookies & ice cream.  Haya was also very excited to receive the loot bag.  She choose the lion one and gave our friend's daughter the monkey one.  She loves the book. Thanks again for everything!” - Fleur